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Top 4 Reasons for Slow Cloud Adoption and How They're Being Addressed

By Johanna Shirman on Oct 22, 2014 12:46:00 PM

A tremendous amount has been written about the Cloud and how it’s going to revolutionize all of IT. This conversation goes back several years, and while the Cloud is a major driver in consumer-oriented business, (think Apple, Photo Sites) the enterprise has been a little more cautious in it's adoption. Many “greenfield” workloads have been set up in Amazon and other public Cloud providers, however wholesale migration to the Cloud has been lagging.  

There are several reasons for this, all of which speak to the challenges that any major paradigm shifts can run in to. With that said, the time is now for entire departments and environments to move to the Cloud. The drivers here may be server refresh, equipment coming off lease, M&A or data center consolidation. Net/Net the same things that have been driving infrastructure change in the past. The major issues that will need to be addressed to facilitate this change are the following:

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Congratulations! Your Workload Migration Succeeded! Now What?

By Johanna Shirman on Oct 7, 2014 10:59:52 AM

Successful migration of a workload to cloud is by any measure no small accomplishment. Congratulations are clearly in order. To have made it this far, you developed an effective migration strategy, picked the right migration partner, and chose the right migration platform. Now a larger question looms. What comes next? How can you leverage this success? How can you capture the experience of your successful migration to bring additional workloads into cloud in the future?

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Oracle & RiverMeadow Powering Enterprise Applications in the Cloud

By Johanna Shirman on Sep 30, 2014 10:43:00 AM


Oracle and RiverMeadow have been teaming to create a solution to help accelerate the on boarding of applications and services into the new offerings within Oracle's Cloud. As more and more enterprises are seeing the value of cloud and are looking for a partner to help, Oracle is an ideal candidate :  who better than Oracle knows how to run Oracle software?  In Thomas Kurian's keynote speech on September 30, Kurian showed a demonstration of this joint solution. An example application system, with 2 Oracle EBS platforms and an Oracle 11g Database, was migrated from an on-premise deployment into the Oracle cloud. The database was moved into the Oracle  Cloud DB-as-a-Service, using the data pump functions of the database, while the application tier servers were moved with the RiverMeadow SaaS migration platform.

This collaboration is a significant step in the evolution of Cloud. Oracle, the leading vendor of Enterprise software, providing Oracle-class cloud services and enabling the rapid adoption of it via the RiverMeadow solution will ensure that Enterprise IT teams will have the ability to leverage the expertise of the inventors of the software that they use when they want to run it in an Enterprise-grade cloud.

RiverMeadow Software is very excited to be part of this. RiverMeadow for Oracle Cloud

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Cloud, Server Migration and Price Elasticity

By Johanna Shirman on Sep 22, 2014 11:13:35 AM

The adoption of Cloud, specifically private and public IaaS cloud, up to this point have been heavily dominated by "greenfield" type use cases: applications and their corresponding infrastructure elements being created and configured from scratch in the Cloud data center. For established IT organizations this is a natural and understandable approach to a new technology. Various test cases need to be conducted and results analyzed before wholesale adoption of something as disruptive as Cloud can happen. Of course businesses without established environments and the luggage they carry can start from the scratch with Cloud – Netflix plus Amazon being the highest profile example.

As Cloud technologies and services mature, and as IT organizations gain more experience, need will naturally develop to move existing application environments ("brownfield") into public and private cloud environments. Clearly this benefits cloud providers by accelerating their adoption and occupancy rate, and it will help IT organization to more quickly transition their infrastructure to Cloud. A key question that will determine the adoption curve for brownfield migration is the cost – particularly the cost of migrating existing infrastructure and applications compared to rebuilding from net-new. 

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Moving Servers in the Cloud One of Many New Challenges for IT Departments

By Johanna Shirman on Sep 12, 2014 10:46:51 AM

When the cloud first became a business opportunity, firms used it to launch new applications and services. That is changing now, however, as the cloud has found more widespread adoption and there’s the need to move from one cloud to another and consolidate various servers into a tighter cloud package. Click here to read the full article by Mae Kowalke from Info Tech Spotlight.

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InterCloud Systems (ICLD) Enters Premiere Partnership with RiverMeadow Software

By Johanna Shirman on Aug 26, 2014 2:26:52 PM

InterCloud Systems (NASDAQ: ICLD) that it has become a premiere partner with RiverMeadow Software. RiverMeadow technology solves the challenge of migrating large, complex workloads into and between Cloud environments. This partnership is key for InterCloud as it will provide further maturity and capability in service delivery to offer its customers in the Software Defined Enterprise and Cloud-to-Cloud mobility space.

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RiverMeadow to Present with Cisco and VMware at VMworld 2014 Conference

By Johanna Shirman on Aug 20, 2014 4:34:13 PM

RiverMeadow Software™ Inc., developer of the world's only automated server migration platform for carrier and service provider clouds, will present and exhibit at the VMworld 2014 US conference in San Francisco, August 24 – 28, 2014. VMworld is the leading source for the knowledge and connections businesses need to leverage virtualization and cloud computing technologies.

RiverMeadow will present two sessions, the first of which is a presentation entitled, "Streamlining Hybrid Cloud Migration to Cisco Powered Clouds.” The session, being held at Cisco’s booth #1217 at 5:30pm on Sunday, August 24, will focus on how many businesses have started to understand the benefits and logic behind moving to a hybrid cloud environment, but they still struggle with the migration process. Speaker Rich Heaton will draw on his experience working with Cisco as RiverMeadow’s Chief Strategy Officer to delve into how RiverMeadow and Cisco are teaming through the Cisco Cloud Masters Program to deliver Fast, Secure & Automated Cloud Onboarding into Cisco Powered Provider clouds. The presentation will include a demonstration of migrating a workload from AWS into Verizon’s Enterprise Cloud (eCloud). Read the Release.

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RiverMeadow Wins Bronze Stevie® Award in 2014 International Business Awards

By Scott Colgan on Aug 14, 2014 2:33:00 PM

Stevie 2014 Bronze - RiverMeadow SoftwareRiverMeadow Software™ Inc., developer of the world's only automated server migration platform for carrier and service provider clouds, was named the winner of a Bronze Stevie® Award in the Best New Product or Service of the Year - Software - Cloud Platform category in The 11th Annual International Business Awards today.

The International Business Awards are the world’s premier business awards program. All individuals and organizations worldwide – public and private, for-profit and non-profit, large and small - are eligible to submit nominations. The 2014 IBAs received entries from more than 60 nations and territories. Read the release.

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